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Gild , which powers the way companies find and evaluate technical talent, has acquired Distill and its products to help employers quickly and easily schedule, interview and connect with candidates.

From collaborative video interviews to intelligent scheduling tools, Distill offers intuitive hiring products. Distill provides lightweight, browser-based solutions that can be deployed in minutes.

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Replace the phone screen

Use Distill Interview to replace the phone screen. Get rich interaction with your candidates via a set of collaboration pads that help you screen better and avoid costly unqualified on-site candidates.

With just a URL, interviewers can better assess potential hires while providing an easy to use, beautiful interface for candidates. Collaborative output is saved and can be reviewed by the team afterward. Whether you’re hiring an engineer or sales manager, Distill Interview provides the right tools to assess each candidate’s skills and fit.


Intelligent scheduling

Save time with Distill Schedule, our intelligent scheduling system. Schedule automatically pulls up the relevant interviewers' calendars so you can schedule complicated panel interviews quickly. Schedule also allows for interviewer pool management letting you balance interviewers' time, and tag them with skill sets to get the best interviewers in front of your candidates. Setup is quick and painless, through our Google Apps widget.

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Ease of use

No downloads. No plugins. No interviewer accounts or adding candidates as contacts. Distill products are built from the ground up to provide a simple platform that integrates easily into your existing workflow, saving time for you and your team. Distill pulls together best in class tools for recruiting and puts them in one place where everything works. Whether your screening process includes code samples with engineers, business models with product managers or pitch decks with sales reps, Distill brings together everything you need for scheduling and screening.

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